[xep-support] XSL and Relax NG

From: Gustaf Liljegren (gustafl@algonet.se)
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 16:23:40 PST

My current customer expresses his schema in WXS. The schema appears to be
made entirely for print and there are no features used outside the scope of
DTDs. Therefore, I'll suggest going "back" to a DTD, since a DTD is so much
easier to read for the human eye and there are many more tools supporting
DTDs right now.

In publishing, we seldom have a need for datatypes (please bring me your
good examples of where datatypes are needed in XML publishing), which is
the big thing in XWS. I find patterns, like in Relax NG, much more
interesting. Especially the abbreivated syntax of Relax NG would make a
good replacement of DTDs.

I hope there will be a Relax NG validator (supporting normal and
abbreviated syntax) included in XEP one day. Perhaps XEP error reporting
would come closer to the intentions in the standard (since the standard
can't be expressed with a DTD) with a fo.rng file? Do I overlook something?
What about the XSLT processor?

What happened to fo.dtd by the way? Haven't seen it in XEP 3...


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