[xep-support] how do i make writing mode property work?

From: Rajat Vig (rajat.vig@amdocs.com)
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 05:15:53 PST

Hi All,
I've set the writing-mode to "rl-tb" in the simple page master but it has
absolutely no effect on the layout of the page.
I typed some Hebrew text in the FO document and it comes up garbled in the
output PDF.
I've attached the FO file I'm using.
There are some more issues I have with XEP with regards to XML/XSL
If I pass the XML and XSL separately to XEP, it complains of errors in my
style sheet but FOP processes it.
The XSL is valid as Xalan correctly transforms the XML to FO using the same
Any ideas why should it be so? Also, can I change the Transformer XEP uses?
Why does XEP require Saxon and XT both if I'm passing it only the FO
Rajat Vig
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