[xep-support] Error reporting in 2 and 3

From: Gustaf Liljegren (gustaf.liljegren@xml.se)
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 08:06:27 PST

I'm evaluating XEP 3 now. Found some differences in error reporting between
XEP 2.7 and 3. In general XEP 3 appears to be more strict, which is good,
but there are also errors found by 2 which is not found by 3, like these:

{!line 1, column 3613: The content of element type
"fo:simple-page-master" must match "(fo:region-body,

This typically occurs if you put the regions in wrong order. The spec say
page masters should contain: (region-body, region-before?, region-after?,
region-start?, region-end?)

{!line 2, column 515: The content of element type
"fo:table-cell" is incomplete, it must match

This typically occurs if you have a fo:table-cell with no fo:block in. The
spec says table cells should contain: (%block;)+

Aren't XEP 3 too relaxed here?


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