[xep-support] Intermittent problem with Renderer

From: robertdouglas@iitalia.com
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 05:48:13 PDT

Periodically when our application fails the following
message is always displayed.

(S (parse [system-id
{!line 2, column 104: Document root element
"fo:root", must match DOCTYPE root "null".}

You product is mounted as a SOAP service. A string is
passed to it as an argument. The service is
configured to interpret the string as either a file
URL or XML. An input source is provided accordingly.
 This error has so far only been observed when the
XML is passed as string directly. The FOInputSource
is constructed and its CharacterStream is set to a
StringReader - see code below. It error is not the
result of the services taking a file URL for an XML
string or vice-versa. I have tested these cases and
very different errors are reported.

Background info
Renderex versions affected 2.7.x and as I recall
back to 2.2.x
Renderex is mounded as a SOAP service on a Tomcat
server. The problem has been observed on Tomcat
3.2.x, 3.3.x & 4.1.x running with any versions of
Apache SOAP and now Axis.
The Enviroment is Intel / Win2k, JVM sun 1.3.x

Method getInputSource {
 FOInputSource source = null;

) == true) {
   source=new FOInputSource(new
 } else {
 source=new com.renderx.FORM.util.FOInputSource();
 return source;


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