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From: Clay Leeds (
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 08:57:52 PDT


Do you have example code for passing the new image height & width values to
the XSL template? Are you using xsl:param & with-param coupled with
xsl:call-template? I'm having problems implementing this type of system
into my template.

Also, I'm modifying the margin-top & margin-bottom based on the elements
that are there. I'd like to do some sort of algorithm to compute this
(i.e., adding up each component to reach the total "margin-top" and using
that figure), instead of using hard-coded values using
xsl:choose/when/otherwise. Does anyone have any examples of this?


Clay Leeds

At 08:26 AM 10/14/2002, you wrote:
>Hi, I handle this problem as follows: Before calling XEP, I call a
>little Perl script that uses Image Alchemy to determine the dimensions (in
>pixel) and resolution of each image file. Based on this, the script
>calculates the width and height (in cm) of each graphic and stores the
>result in an xml-file. For each graphic, my stylesheet reads the graphic
>width and height from this xml-file and compares it with the print area
>width and height. If the image exceeds the print area, the stylesheet
>computes a scale factor for width and height and uses the lesser of these
>values for both content-width and content-height. Hope this
>helps. Regards Matthias -----Original Message-----
>From: ronald heller []
>Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 4:20 PM
>Subject: [xep-support] scale-when-image-is-too-big
>Hello there,
>I work with XSL FO files everynow and then, and mostly use FOP. Well not
>everything is supported in fop so I started using XEP.
>Great results...except for my graphics.
>To my surprise I read that Xep currently doesn't support
>content-width="scale-to-fit". For most of my publications this is essential.
>Actually I do not want to scale if my image is small enough to fit, but I
>do want to scale when my image is too large, so one could say scale-to-fit
>is not a real solution either :-)
>I'm looking for a "scale-when-image-is-too-big" sort of solution.
>Has any of you have some relevant experience with scaling images in XEP
>and maybe you can give me some pointers here.
>I can't be the only one having this problem.... can I ?
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