[xep-support] Creating Turkish Hyphenation file

From: Togan Muftuoglu (toganm@kemerkoy.k12.tr)
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 04:50:13 PDT


Recently we have received XEP 2.77 by academic license. I am trying to
create a basic hyphenation file for Turkish using "trhyph.tex" TeX
hyphenation file. I had already done for FOP which is working with same
succes as the TeX version.

Now I want to do it for XEP since with FOP creating a reasonable PDF
with tables is a nighmare; hence was the reason we started using XEP.

I have a added the following to etc/hyphens.xml

<hyphen language="tr" table="trhyph.tex"/>

which sort of works as I could not understand how to create the
trcodes.xml Any guidance on creating the trcodes.xml is appreciated

Togan Muftuoglu
HEV Kemerkoy IlkOgretim Okullari
IT Dept. Linux Training Coordinator
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