[xep-support] generating barcode using xep

From: Malte Müller (mm@sica.de)
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 04:51:01 PDT


My name is Malte Müller. I'm a programmer at SICA company.
Currently I'm evaluating XEP.
As one of the possible uses for XEP in our applications could be the
integration of barcode in documents I've downloaded the example files (i.e.
bartest.pdf, bartest.fo, bartest-FO.xsl etc.) from Your website.
I must confess the first thing I tried was processing those files using
FOP. As I had expected the result could not stand up to 'bartest.pdf' as
After that I processed 'bartest.fo' using XEP. That result looked a lot
better, but... The resulting 'bartest.pdf' wasn't identical to the
downloaded one.
Than I created a new FO-file using Xalan-j_2_4_0. The new file was called
'newbartest.fo'. Comparing the source of both files I realised that the
computed column-widths were different in 'bartest.fo' and 'newbartest.fo'
although both were based on the same xml data.

I'm appending the files newbartest.fo, bartest.fo (the version I created
using Xalan) and bartest.pdf (the version I created using XEP based "my"
version of bartest.fo.

As at the moment the possibility of creating barcode would be one of the
major points for using XEP I'd appreciate Your help.

Some technical data:
OS: Windows 2000
Java 2 version: 1.3.1_02
XEP version: xep_277_eval_sunjvm
XSLT processor: Xalan-j_2_4_0

Kind Regards,

Malte Müller

SICA Gesellschaft mbH
Borsigstrasse 15
D-24145 Kiel
Telephone: +49431 - 26 03 952
E-Mail: mm@sica.de

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