Re: [xep-support] Support for Vector EPS (3.02)

From: Eliot Kimber (
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 08:07:41 PDT

--- Nikolai Grigoriev <> wrote:
> Hi Eliot,
> > I have a document that includes vector EPS
> w/preview
> > images (created w/Visio and exported as EPS).
> >
> > It appears that XEP is using the preview images
> and
> > not the Postscript EPS content.
> Yes - in PDF output. In PostScript back-end, we
> insert
> an EPS document as is, dropping the preview instead.

Ok. Is the Postscript that is produced use PDFMark to
generate bookmarks? That is, can use the Postscript
route to create online-enabled PDFs that also use the
vector EPSes? [Right now I'm using the free eval
version, but I believe ISOGEN is in the process of
acquiring a developer license.]


Eliot Kimber
ISOGEN International

Eliot Kimber
Austin, TX

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