Re: [xep-support] Validation fails on non-FO, Non-RX Namespace Attributes

From: Eliot Kimber (
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 06:34:56 PDT

--- Eliot Kimber <> wrote:

[Sorry, accidently triggered send too soon]

> --- Eliot Kimber <> wrote:
> > I suspect this is a side effect of hinkiness in
> > Window's batch processing--I've had similar
> problems
> > with batch files I've built.
> Ok, I created a copy of run.bat that sets the
> DISCARD_IF_NOT_VALID to false--I think that's the
> best
> setting--you get the validation but you still get
> some
> output. I think that's better than not producting
> anything (or rather, producing a 1k PDF file, which
is what I got--Doh!)

> > When I removed the axf:outline-level attributes,
> > was otherwise happy and produced output almost
> > identical to AHXF (it failed to render some stuff
> > but
> > I'm not sure why yet--might be a font issue or
> user
> > error, so I'm not ready to ask about it yet).

Ok, I rewrote my style sheet to make use of extension
attributes conditional on FO processor. But really, I
don't think I should have to do it. While ignoring
validation will let me get past having them, the XEP
processor still issues "unrecognized attribute"
messages, which would be unacceptable for a production
process, so I really must suppress the non-XEP


Eliot Kimber
ISOGEN International

Eliot Kimber
Austin, TX

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