Re: [xep-support] Validation fails on non-FO, Non-RX Namespace Attributes

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 06:11:28 PDT

Hi Eliot,

> I would be fine if the validator reported unrecognized
> stuff with an informational message (e.g., "ignoring
> attribute in unknown name space") or a warning, but I
> do not consider the use of non-FO namespaced things to
> be *an error* at any time.

I admit that XEP's current behaviour is overly restricting.
We will reconsider this point in future releases, and
probably implement it your way (no commitment though:
we have to contemplate it a bit more).

> Using the docs, I tried to set the validation to false
> (using the run.bat script) but it didn't work. Here's
> the command-line I specified:
> c:\XEP\run.bat -DVALIDATE=false

Yep, it's a known problem of command-line tokenizer under Windows.
If you have a foobar.bat with the following:

   echo [1] %1
   echo [2] %2

and invoke it:

  foobar.bat -DVALIDATE=false

then you will get:
  [2] false

To avoid this, it is enough to quote the whole expression:

c:\XEP\run.bat "-DVALIDATE=false"

(However, I suggest using "-DDISCARD_IF_NOT_VALID=false" instead :-)).

Best regards,
Nikolai Grigoriev

> And got this response:
> {!cannot open false: file not found}
> [input]
> ...
> I suspect this is a side effect of hinkiness in
> Window's batch processing--I've had similar problems
> with batch files I've built.
> More positive note: the validation feature is very
> important and I'm glad it's there--XSL Formatter's
> lack of validation has bitten me a few times. I just
> think it's being a bit over protective on this point.
> When I removed the axf:outline-level attributes, XEP
> was otherwise happy and produced output almost
> identical to AHXF (it failed to render some stuff but
> I'm not sure why yet--might be a font issue or user
> error, so I'm not ready to ask about it yet).
> Cheers,
> Eliot Kimber
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