[xep-announce] RenderX announces the release of VDPMill 4.0

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2011 - 12:17:00 PDT

Dear List Subscribers,

RenderX (http://www.renderx.com) has released VDPMill 4.0
(http://www.renderx.com/tools/vdpmill.html) a new version of the
high-performance rendering application. VDPMill is a complete solution
that can generate very large batch print files - hundreds of thousands
of pages in a single file. Through the use of a multi-threaded
formatting grid for documents, the components of this print file can be
formatted simultaneously to meet any performance demands. VDPMill
supports output in any RenderX XEP format including PDF, PostScript,

The main emphasis of this release is to facilitate the use of various
data sources, such as databases, Web services, or flat files, with
VDPMill. Therefore, this major release includes XML generators support
in VDPMill Ticket/Interactive applications. In VDPMill terms, an XML
generator is an executable file that takes the input data file and
output XML file, runs modally, and returns the success or failure value
to VDPMill. The generated XML file becomes an input file for VDPMill
Ticket and VDPMill Interactive applications.

For details on how to use VDPMill and XML generators, please refer to
the VDPMill User Guide:
  - PDF: http://www.renderx.com/files/VDPMillUserGuide.pdf
  - HTML: http://www.renderx.com/vdpmill_reference.html

RenderX VDPMill and VisualXSL and Altova MapForce 2011 can be used in a
database reporting workflow, which can be successfully used in all
industries where customers are billed or statements are delivered on a
periodic basis, such as banking, investment, utilities,
telecommunications, etc.

The short description and instructions how you can use Altova MapForce
and RenderX VisualXSL and VDPMill are available at

A command-line driver for MapForce, pre-configured as XML generator, is
available for download at

Other improvements of this release are:
  - Embedded EnMasse 2.3 (http://www.renderx.com/tools/enmasse.html)
bug-fixing release
  - XEP 4.19 (http://www.renderx.com/tools/xep.html) compatibility
  - Full error messages in VDPMill Interactive GUI application

Michael Sulyaev
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