[xep-announce] RenderX announces the release of DataStyler 3 Beta 1 Preview

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 07:05:18 PDT

Dear List Subscribers,

RenderX, Inc., (http://www.renderx.com) is pleased to present the first
preview version of a new product - DataStyler 3 - to you.

DataStyler 3 (http://www.datastyler.com) dramatically simplifies visual
design of reports (including preprinted forms) from XML data.
The resulting XSLT stylesheet can be used with XEP - RenderX's XSL-FO
formatter - for generation of reports in the PDF, PostScript, AFP, XPS,
and HTML formats. DataStyler takes advantage of the latest Microsoft
technologies and uses a graphical user interface very similar to the
ones of Microsoft Word or Excel.

The goals of these series of preview releases are to:
  * Give you idea about the products we are currently developing
  * Ask for your feedback and help with development of DataStyler 3
  * Test and tune up the product before its final release

Please visit the DataStyler (http://www.datastyler.com) Web site for
more information about this product and to download a copy of DataStyler
3 Beta 1 Preview.

Vladyslav Sivyakov
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