[xep-announce] RenderX XEP 3.0 evaluation version available

From: David Tolpin (dvd@renderx.com)
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 06:10:29 PDT

Dear XEP-announce subscribers,

we are pleased to announce that a trial version for XEP 3.0 is available for
free download from


This version offers a number of improvements over the previous one,
including (but not limited to) the following:

- support for right-to-left writing mode (including a preliminary
  implementation of bidirectionality);
- support for rotated text;
- support for side floats;
- support for blocks spanning multiple columns;
- support for page-position="last" in conditional page masters;
- support for horizontal text scaling (via font-stretch attribute);
- support for from-table-column() function;
- a number of useful extensions to XSL spec:
   * support for building page number lists in indexes;
   * support for areas with different column counts on the same page;
- a completely new validation mechanism that checks XSL FO data
  from any source and eliminates namespace problems;
- optimized graphics, using "lazy" algorithms to greatly improve
  preformance and reduce memory consumption;
- SAX 2 interfaces for both input and output;
- JAXP integration classes, and a command-line interface to perform
  direct XML+XSL->PDF/PostScript transformation;
- and more...

XEP 3.0 requires less memory than XEP 2.x and runs faster, especially
on long tables. Many parts have been rewritten from scratch; results
are quite encouraging. RenderX team hopes that you enjoy it.

David Tolpin

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