[xep-support] Re: Issue with Thai text

From: Vladyslav Sivyakov <vsivyakov_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Feb 20 2024 - 18:56:16 PST

Hello Darren,

This is a common problem. It is caused by incomplete (not well-formed)
fonts, and the only good solution is, unfortunately, to choose another
font or edit the existing one.

Please take a look at this post at StackOverflow for the deeper insight
on what's going on. https://stackoverflow.com/a/45469424/

If the font does contain necessary glyphs in PUA (Private Use Area),
RenderX XEP is able to find the "1st floor" substitutes for canonical
If not, XEP falls back to using canonical glyphs which end up drawn on
the "2nd floor", overlap, and visually appear too high above the consonant.
In this case, you have no other choice but to find another font or to
finalize the development of the existing one by adding the missing glyphs.

 From the practical experience, we find Arial Unicode and AngsanaUPC
(both distributed with Windows) as well as FreeSerif incomplete.

On the other hand, Laksaman, Norasi, Loma, and AngsanaUPC found
elsewhere on the Web are proven to work well.
However, keep in mind to check the licenses when you download it from
the Web sites around the Internet and use it in your projects.

Best regards,
Vladyslav Sivyakov, RenderX.

On 21.02.2024 03:48, Darren Munt wrote:
> We’ve had an issue reported by a Thai customer. Apparently the
> diacritics above some of the characters are superimposed when there
> are multiple marks. I don’t pretend to understand the language at all
> but I guess the sample they sent doesn’t look right. So is this
> something I am doing wrong, or a limitation we’re not aware of? See
> example below where you can see in the top selection of text there is
> a second diacritic above some of the characters, and in the PDF
> screenshot, those second marks are overlayed.
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