[xep-support] Re: On-going problem with footnote formatting

From: Jim Melton <SheltieJim_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Mon Oct 17 2022 - 13:01:17 PDT

Many thanks for your response.  Sadly, I have NOT been able to create a "tiny" XSL-FO document that demonstrates the problem.  It happens in some larger documents, but unpredictably.  I have sent a 1.3MB XSL-FO file to support at RenderX that illustrates the problem, so I hope they'll be able to find something.
Thanks again,    Jim
On 2022-10-16 21:54, Leen Smits wrote:> Hi Jim,>> Can you post a tiny XSL-FO document that has these two footnotes and that shows the PDF output problem.> I would think, it is maybe the context / circumstances in which the footnote is, that results in some strange problem.> If my statement is true, than if you create e.g. a one page example XSL-FO it is difficult to get the problem showing up.>> Leen>> -----Original Message-----> From: Xep-support <xep-support-bounces_AT_renderx.com> On Behalf Of Jim Melton> Sent: Saturday, 15 October 2022 21:32> To: xep-support_AT_renderx.com> Subject: [xep-support] On-going problem with footnote formatting>> Sent by an external sender. Please be cautious about clicking on links and opening attachments.> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Almost a year ago, I submitted a plea for help with a problem I'm encountering with XEP.  That plea can be found in the support archives> here: http://services.ren
derx.com/lists/xep-support/7826.html>> There has been no response, either in the archives nor in direct email reply to me.  This is a small, but significant, issue and its on-going effects include causing people to ask me whether XEP is still a viable product for commercial or non-commercial use.>> I would be very grateful for either a reply from XEP support people or> (preferably) an actual fix to the product.>> Thanks!>    Jim>-- Jim Melton SheltieJim at xmission dot com-------------------------------------------Owner and Captain:Passport 40 #018 Dream SeQueLCo-Owner and Co-Captain:Passport 42 #040 Turtle Blues-------------------------------------------Shelties since 1969; ASSA member since 1992

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