[xep-support] error: could not find any font family matching...

From: Jean-Paul Rehr <rehrjb_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Aug 10 2021 - 06:17:11 PDT

Dear RenderX members,

In XEP I've relied on the default afm fonts until now, but they don't
support Greek characters that I now need to output to PDF. I am trying to
add a set of .ttf fonts. I've tried following the user guide (as well as
similar instructions on a few sites), but XEP keeps returning: "[warning]
could not find any font family matching "AlegreyaSans"; replaced by

My configuration in XEP.xml looks like this (I've put the .ttf fonts in the
same directory as the default .afm):

<fonts xml:base="fonts/" default-family="Helvetica">
<font-group label="Windows TrueType" embed="true" subset="true">
    <font-family name="AlegreyaSans">
       <font><font-data ttf="alegreyasans-regular.ttf"/></font>
       <font style="oblique"><font-data
       <font weight="bold"><font-data ttf="alegreyasans-bold.ttf"/></font>
       <font weight="bold" style="oblique"><font-data

And in the fo file the reference is:

<fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body" *font-family="AlegreyaSans"
font-size="10pt" space-before="10pt" space-after="10pt">

Am I missing a configuration somewhere?

Many thanks in advance,

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