[xep-support] Inexplicable problem with font family

From: Jim Melton <SheltieJim_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Sun Aug 16 2020 - 17:05:12 PDT

Dear RenderX,

I have used XEP for a couple of decades to produce an ISO/IEC
international standard; your organization was kind enough to provide me
and a small handful of my fellow editors (in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32) a
license to use XEP all these years.

Very recently, two of us (me and Jörn Bartels, copied on this message)
have acquired and configured new laptop computers. Both of us
encountered a very strange problem that caused an error message to be
issued whenever we attempt to transform a .fo file into .pdf if the
document uses Arial Unicode MS.

The error that we get is:

    could not find any font family matching "ArialUnicodeMS"; replaced
    by Helvetica

Both of our xep.xml files contain a font-group thus:

<font-group xml:base="file:/C:/Windows/Fonts/"label="Windows

In that font-group, we both have the following:

<font-family name="ArialUnicodeMS">
<font><font-data ttf="ARIALUNI.ttf"/></font>

Both of us definitely have this font, using that exact font name
(including capitalization), instlled in ...\windows\fonts\ The installed
font shows in that directory as "Arial Unicode MS Regular".

On my new laptop, I eventually created a new font-group:

<font-group xml:base="file:/D:/RenderX/fonts/ttf/"label="Windows

and moved the font-family lines (shown above) into that new font-group;
I also coped the font file ARIALUNI.ttf into the directory
D:\RenderX\fonts\ttf\.  This "cured" the problem on my laptop, although
I absolutely cannot figure out why.

Unfortunately, my colleague Jörn Bartels did exactly the same thing on
his new laptop, and he continues to have the problem of getting that
error message.

Can you help us figure out WHY this happens only on our new Windows 10
laptops and HOW we can fix the problem on Jörn's computer?

Many thanks,

Jim Melton   SheltieJim at xmission dot com
Owner and Captain:
Passport 40 #018               Dream SeQueL
Co-Owner and Co-Captain:
Passport 42 #040               Turtle Blues
Shelties since 1969; ASSA member since 1992

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