[xep-support] Re: How often does XEP.BAT use my graphic-URL?

From: Vladyslav Sivyakov <vsivyakov_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Thu Aug 06 2020 - 03:05:26 PDT

Hello Fritz,

This seems to be the cause. "Cache-Control: must-revalidate" also seems
suspicious to me.

It looks like by default, Jetty does not inject the response header.
Here's an article on Stack Overflow about how to set it up:


Best regards,
Vladyslav Y. Sivyakov, RenderX.

On 06.08.2020 11:57, Kirch Fritz wrote:
> Hello Vladyslav,
> This is my console output
> I cannot see any “Expires:“ header
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> Hello Fritz,
> Your media server controls the expiration policy of your media files.
> The HTTP "Expires:" header is in charge of telling the HTTP client
> when the file is to be re-requested.
> I've failed check it myself because mrq12.it2media.de:8081 may not be
> accessible from the outside, but could it be that the HTTP server
> returns a bogus "Expires:" header (e.g. if it has a wrongly set system
> clock) or does not return it at all?
> To verify, please simply call the following and see the console output:
> curl -D -
> http://mrq12.it2media.de:8081/mr/v01/~~~200/mediafile/id/41511906/filetype/pdf?mimetype=true
> Best regards,
> Vladyslav Y. Sivyakov, RenderX.

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