[xep-support] Re: Embedding 100mb PDF generates 8 GB temporary file and does no render

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Sun Jun 02 2019 - 19:02:17 PDT

RenderX which is a formatting engine is not going to efficiently
embed/append a PDF.

RenderX is written to take a page or two and append, or use a PDF as an
image as background to stamp on it.


Essentially what you are doing is taking each and every page, making a copy
which must include all information like fonts and such, and putting that
into a result.
RenderX was never designed for that because there are 100s of tools for
combining, slicing, dicing PDFs.


If you wish to have some documents formatted from RenderX and then append
(or embed) another huge PDF, use a tool that is tuned for this like iText.

You can format PDFs with RenderX and then combine with iText all using their


Kevin Brown



From: Hugo Inacio [mailto:Hugo.Inacio@objective.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 6:50 PM
To: 'RenderX Community Support List' <xep-support@renderx.com>;
Subject: Embedding 100mb PDF generates 8 GB temporary file and does no




We are embedding a 100MB PDF file to a document , a PDF that has 188 pages
in it, and this does not complete rendering. We are using rx:pdf-page="[PAGE
NUMBER]" for each of the pages, and this seems to be embedding the PDF 188
times into a temporary file, that generates 8GB of data. Is there a smarter
way of doing this? Can XEP not just call the PDF once as this is very time
consuming for large PDFs and cause a fail publish? Happy to share the PDF
file if needed.



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