[xep-support] String encoding issue

From: Morley Tooke <morley.tooke_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2018 - 11:32:12 PDT


One of my writers has run into an issue where a string of numbers in a fig
is being rendered out of his topic. I've seen this once before with a very
similar string.This is his code:

<title class="- topic/title ">Injection Well W01I01: Process Control</title>

His output looks something like this:

*Injection Well W*

There is nothing special in the PDF customization code.

This is the rest of his email to me:

*The basic gist is that I have a well that is labelled W010I01. And when I
enter that label in body text, it renders fine in the PDF. However, when I
enter it in a fig title tag, the W will render, but the rest of the text is
left blank. EG:*

*I have tried a few variations in the title text to see what happens.
Adding a space between W and 0 works fine: *

*As does replacing the first 0 with a capital O: *

*But W01xxx is a no-go. So, far as I can gather, EasyDITA or Oxygen are
interpreting that W01xxx as something other than plain text, and removing
it from the document altogether. *

Thanks in advance,


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