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From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Fri Jul 28 2017 - 10:55:56 PDT

It could be many things.

You are a supported customer so I suggest you post to support@renderx.com
<mailto:support@renderx.com> and not the open support group so we can
assist you in more detail.

You should include:


1) Version of all software uses – both XEPWin and EnMasse/WinMasse

2) The configuration files for both applications


Since you are running XEPWin, starting the Cliserservice would launch two
JVMs (since you have 2 configured), each with 2048MB memory. While
formatting you can watch those and see if both are used.


Kevin Brown



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I have a server where the cliser service stops from time to time. Since the
installation, the server was not much used, so we got to it while doing some
charge tests.

The only different thing I noticed on this server is that cliserservice.exe
uses about half the memory (5440K) compared to other servers (9392K).


All servers are supposed to have the same installation/configuration:


(from cliserservice.log)

JAVA-OPTIONS=-Xms2048M -Xmx2048M



Even that cliser-servers=2, could it be possible that only one is working?
Is there a way to check that? That would explain the memory, and the stops
(due to the charge).


Here the error we get :

System.ApplicationException: Unable to connect to V003V7176:6572 CLISER
server at Rapports.RenderX.RenderX.FusionnerDocXSLFOBinABin(Byte[]
_bytFichXSLBin, Byte[] _bytFichXMLBin, Boolean _blnMAJChemGabarCode128,
Dictionary`2 _colctXsltParam) at
Rapports.RenderX.RenderX.FusionnerDocXSLFO(Byte[] _bytFichXSLBin, Byte[]
_bytFichXMLBin, Boolean _blnMAJChemGabarCode128) at


Thanks in advance,


Leonardo Antinarelli


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