[xep-support] How to align <fo:block> to the top of a column?

From: Kirch Fritz <Friedrich.Kirch_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Fri Apr 07 2017 - 05:10:17 PDT

In a multi column page layout I use caption blocks with <fo:block space-before="3mm" space-after="3mm">.
When such blocks start in a new column, I expect the block to be top aligned ignoring the @space-before attribute.
As you can see from my screenshot, this doesn't work on top of column 5.

I suppose the troublemaker is <fo:block span="all">.

What can I do to automatically top-align my caption blocks at the beginning of a column?

FO-file, PDF-file and screenshot is included.

Fritz Kirch

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