[xep-support] Re: Absolute position relative to container

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Thu Apr 06 2017 - 18:15:01 PDT

I would need to see the sample you are formatting.




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OK that got me part way there. However if there is content above the
block-container, it doesn't work:



But I have worked out that if I put a height on the blue block-container, it





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Not sure I get the question, but like this?

        <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">

            <fo:block-container position="relative">
                <fo:block>Some stuff</fo:block>
                <fo:block-container width="3cm" height="4cm"
position="absolute" top="1cm" left="5cm" background-color="red">
                        Some other stuff
                <fo:block-container width="3cm" height="4cm"
position="absolute" top="2cm" left="3cm" background-color="green">
                        Some other stuff



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Subject: [xep-support] Absolute position relative to container


I want to align some block-containers within a containing block. I'm not
sure if that is possible, or maybe I need a different document structure.



                Some stuff

                <fo:block-container width="3cm" height="4cm"
position="absolute" top="1cm" left="5cm">

                                Some other stuff




So what I want is for the block-container to be positioned 1cm from the top
and 5cm from the left of the top left corner of the parent block.


When I try this, position is relative to the xsl-region-body.


What am I doing wrong? I realise that the container is taken out of the
flow, so this is obviously not the right way to do it.


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