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From: Dave Bickford <dbickford_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Feb 16 2016 - 15:02:57 PST

Thanks for the thoughtful answer. You answered as I expected (it was mostly "hope" that had made me ask).
On 2/16/2016 4:33 PM, Kevin Brown wrote:> There certainly would not be any attribute of the kind "a space character that follows only certain punctuation should take more space that one that doesn’t." It would not be the function of the rendering engine.>> I did that on purpose above because imagine the rule for the sentence above, you would not want any space after the opening quote *and* you would not want the space after the “.” because the second quote ends it all, yet both quotes are the same character - &quot; probably.>> You could of course, use a different space character (like em-space) or the likes, but that would be you doing so in your XML or in your XSL that produces the FO in the places required.> Or you could develop your own custom font where the glyph width of your target characters is changed BUT that would not really work because you cannot set the width of a “.” That way, unless you could care less how this formatted “this.would.not.work” …. It would be “this. would.
not. work” nor could you handle the spacing above relative to quotes unless you created your own characters.>> That is not a normal function of the formatting engine to adjust space after sentence-ending punctuation to larger space.>>> Kevin Brown> (650) 327-1000 Direct> (650) 328-8008 Fax> (925) 395-1772 Mobile> skype:kbrown01> kevin_AT_renderx.com> sales_AT_renderx.com> http://www.renderx.com>>>>>> From: Xep-support [mailto:xep-support-bounces_AT_renderx.com] On Behalf Of Dave Bickford> Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 12:07 PM> To: RenderX Community Support List <xep-support_AT_renderx.com>> Subject: [xep-support] More space between sentences>> Is there an attribute which can modify the space after each period or question mark of a sentence within a fo:block?>> white-space-collapse="false">> works great if I use two spaces, but I'm hoping there is a means of doing it without the need to add additional space characters.>

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