[xep-support] Re: Initial-page-number cause repeat of first page

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Wed Dec 16 2015 - 10:48:32 PST

And also to be clear, CORE options are children of <options>.

So add this at the same level as KERN, VALIDATE, etc.


Kevin Brown



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In your xep.xml, do you have ENABLE_PAGE_NUMBERS ?

If you do not, in the CORE section in xep.xml, add:

<option name="ENABLE_PAGE_NUMBERS" value="true"/>


Remove your forced setting of the initial page number and try again.


See http://www.renderx.com/reference.html#Document_Injection


Specifically this note:


"Since XSL-FO formatting, including page number calculation, occurs before
PDF injection, the second <fo:page-sequence> will get page number 42, while
it should be 45. The further pages will also contain wrong links. To
mitigate this, a special post-formatting run is applied just before the
XEPOUT is sent to the output stream. During this run, the page references
are adjusted, e.g. the page numbers are incremented by 3 (number of pages in
an injected PDF) to match actual numbering. XEP versions prior to 4.22 have
not marked page numbers in any way, so it was impossible to distinguish them
from the common text, hence to adjust page numbers. XEP 4.22 introduces a
core option ENABLE_PAGE_NUMBERS that enables marking such text elements with
<xep:page-numbers> tag and thus makes it possible to adjust the values when
necessary. One doesn't need to enable this option if no page number
calculation occurs in the document. However, if page numbers are calculated,
and any PDF injection occurs, this option must be turned to true, and any
post-processing scripts must be adjusted to recognize <xep:page-numbers>
along with the usual<xep:text>."


Kevin Brown



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Subject: [xep-support] Initial-page-number cause repeat of first page


I have a document which includes an existing PDF using the
rx:insert-document extension. I want the subsequent pages to commence
numbering from the appropriate page number taking into consideration the
length of the inserted document. So I have used the initial-page-number
attribute to specify the starting point. The page sequence looks like this:


<fo:page-sequence master-reference="contentpage"
rx:insert-document="url(myinserteddoc.pdf)" initial-page-number="3">


There is one page sequence before this which produces one page of output,
and the inserted document is also one page long. Without the
initial-page-number attribute, the content generated is:


Page 1: My first page sequence (happens to be a cover page)

Page 2: My inserted doc (which has "Page 2" hard-coded)

Page 3: My second page sequence, numbered "Page 2" but is actually the 3rd
page of output.


When I include the initial-page-number attribute as per above, I get the
first page repeated. So the final output is:


Page 1: My cover page

Page 2: My cover page again

Page 3: My inserted doc

Page 4: My second page sequence, correctly numbered "Page 3" but is actually
the 4th page of output.


I realise this is because my initial page numbering is resulting in an odd
page without a matching even page - although why it is choosing to repeat
the first page instead of inserting a blank page I'm not sure.


Is there a way of overriding this behaviour so that I can have the page
numbering run to include my inserted document and not have additional
inserted pages if the next page after the inserted document happens to be

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