[xep-support] Initial-page-number cause repeat of first page

From: Darren Munt <darrenm_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Dec 15 2015 - 23:08:13 PST

I have a document which includes an existing PDF using the rx:insert-document extension. I want the subsequent pages to commence numbering from the appropriate page number taking into consideration the length of the inserted document. So I have used the initial-page-number attribute to specify the starting point. The page sequence looks like this:

<fo:page-sequence master-reference="contentpage" rx:insert-document="url(myinserteddoc.pdf)" initial-page-number="3">

There is one page sequence before this which produces one page of output, and the inserted document is also one page long. Without the initial-page-number attribute, the content generated is:

Page 1: My first page sequence (happens to be a cover page)
Page 2: My inserted doc (which has "Page 2" hard-coded)
Page 3: My second page sequence, numbered "Page 2" but is actually the 3rd page of output.

When I include the initial-page-number attribute as per above, I get the first page repeated. So the final output is:

Page 1: My cover page
Page 2: My cover page again
Page 3: My inserted doc
Page 4: My second page sequence, correctly numbered "Page 3" but is actually the 4th page of output.

I realise this is because my initial page numbering is resulting in an odd page without a matching even page - although why it is choosing to repeat the first page instead of inserting a blank page I'm not sure.

Is there a way of overriding this behaviour so that I can have the page numbering run to include my inserted document and not have additional inserted pages if the next page after the inserted document happens to be odd?

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