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Thanks for the reply. The actual page sequence we are after as you flip through the book in the English-speaking direction would be:

1 Eng
2 Eng
3 Eng
4 Eng
4 Ara
3 Ara
2 Ara
1 Ara

For printing, the booklet runs to around 100 pages and they have used a multiple-signature glue binding in the past. I think therefore that we just give them the file with pages in the correct sequence and then they would use some prepress tool to order them for printing. I think the XEP intermediate format might be the right solution. Will check out the example you posted below. The only possible issue is that they may want editable PDF text, not page images but I will confirm that.


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Oh, and I would note that what you maybe want is bookfolding for saddlestitch ... then it would be (given the eight page example below:

1 Eng - 4 Ara
3 Ara - 2 Eng
3 Eng - 2 Ara
1 Ara - 4 Eng

Is that one it? Those are already done and have been posted before. I will dig those out if that is the case.


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I have two solutions for you. First let's confirm what you want:

I assume your request is like this:

You have a book to produce, let's say it turns out to be 4 pages for each language. You wold create an FO that would produce something like this:

1 English
2 English
3 English
4 English
1 Arabic
2 Arabic
3 Arabic
4 Arabic

And what you want is a new output like this:

1 English + 1 Arabic
2 English + 2 Arabic
3 English + 3 Arabic
4 English + 4 Arabic

Is this correct?

Possible Solutions:

#1: A simple template that uses the individual PDFs and creates the desired output. IN this you would need to create a simple XML file that would identify each document, the total pages in each and the output page width and height. It would then create "pages" by using the "rx:pdf-page" extension to take a page from each and put them into a new document.

#2 Pure manipulation of the Intermediate Format. IN this you would format to XEP format and apply an XSL to it to reorder things a bit. Totally similar to http://www.renderx.com/cooltools.html "N-up" example but needs to be changed to your specification (and probably remove the scaling and put pages in actual size side by side.

Once you confirm if the above is correct, we can post (both) solutions here.

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Subject: [xep-support] Reversing order of page rendering

We have a document that is basically the same set of pages in both English and Arabic. The printed version of the document has the English in the left half of the booklet and Arabic in the right. The English pages run left to right, the Arabic run right to left. They meet in the middle.

At the moment I am producing these with two separate FO files providing two PDFs. These would need to be 'stitched' together in pre-press to provide a set of pages in the correct order.

Is there a way in RenderX to specify one 'section' of an FO file be rendered back to front, so last page first etc? The idea being that I could produce this as one file but have the Arabic section rendered in reverse page order, so that it's last page appears first after the last English page, and then on through its pages with the first page appearing at the end of the PDF.

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