[xep-support] Re: [xep] [XEPJ002E][ERROR] Element 'fo:external-graphic' must be empty.

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Jul 28 2015 - 19:03:00 PDT

Additionally, I would mention that your pasted in XSL FO that comes from XSL
also shows the XSL create an <fo:inline> element as the direct child of an

That is also completely wring.

So . are these from the core DITA XSLs or are you using some modified XSLs?
If you are using modified XSLs, then you should examine these.


Both of these are complete errors in the XSL FO standard.


<fo:block-container> should have <fo:block> (Or another <fo:block-container>
and maybe a few other things) as a child, but certainly not an <fo:inline>

<fo:external-graphic> is an empty element in the standard and having any
content (including the textual content that is a return) is an error.


Kevin Brown




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Subject: [xep-support] Re: [xep] [XEPJ002E][ERROR] Element
'fo:external-graphic' must be empty.


First: contact the DITA XSL owners and discuss how what they implement is
wrong. Having white space inside the <fo:external-graphic/> is wrong. Don't
take my word for it, take a look at even pasting your content right back
into oXygen:



Now: You can set XEP up in three ways:


A) Abort on errors and report them

B) Don't Abort on errors and try and process and don't report them

C) Report on errors but still try to process


To do (A) which is default, you would do nothing in "xep.xml" or you would
have the setting:
<option name="VALIDATE" value="true"/>

This is what you have currently as it aborts.


To do (B), you would put these settings in "xep.xml":

<option name="VALIDATE" value="false"/>

This will format the document despite the error, I tested it.


To do (C), you would put these settings in "xep.xml":

<option name="VALIDATE" value="true"/>

<option name="DISCARD_IF_NOT_VALID" value="false"/>

This will format the document despite the error, I tested it.


Kevin Brown




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Subject: [xep-support] [xep] [XEPJ002E][ERROR] Element 'fo:external-graphic'
must be empty.


I get the above error using DITA content transformed to PDF through Oxygen
17 and DITA toolkit version 2.1 with XEP 4.24 on a Windows 7 system. This
message appears to show up for each image element that has an embedded alt
element, like this:


      <image height="89px" width="165px" href="logo.png" >

                <alt>Company name</alt>



Some older, similar content that uses the deprecated alt attribute rather
than the alt element processes through XEP without showing this error.


XEP appears to fail after hitting 12 image elements with embedded alt
elements, showing a message like this:


[xep] Rendering failed: Invalid XSL FO source 'file:/c:/buildtemp/topic.fo':
12 errors found during validation


Oxygen's transformation completes successfully, but produces a zero-byte
PDF, whether XEP hits one of these errors or 12.


The image code in stage1.xml and stage1a.xml looks like this:


            <image class="- topic/image " height="89px" href="logo.png"
placement="inline" width="165px" xtrc="image:1;18:65"

                <alt class="- topic/alt " xtrc="alt:1;19:22"
xtrf="file:/C:/Temp/test.xml">Company name</alt>



In stage2.fo, stage3.fo, and topic.fo it looks like this:


            <fo:inline><fo:external-graphic content-height="89px"
content-width="165px" src="url('file:/C:/Temp/logo.png')">




What do we need to do to get our setup to handle image elements with alt


Thank you for any help.


Dave Gibbons

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