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From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Mon Jul 27 2015 - 13:51:45 PDT

If you ever wanted to check out some of the capabilities of RenderX, take a
look at this live site:




Within this site there are various examples of rendering content using

It takes the current browser HTML DOM and turns that into XML and submits to
a RenderX REST-based service.

There is an XSL applied that converts (most) all CSS styles to XSL FO
attributes as well as handles most all HTML element structures.

You can even embed specialized XSL FO as well as XML markup in the HTML page
for processing.

Even many of the CSS @media print things are supported with plans to do more
as the browsers start to support them.


The buttons along the top allow for various output formats including PDF
and SVG in browser and download, as well as Postscript and XPS via download


I really like the Fonts Demo
(http://www.cloudformatter.com/CSS2Pdf.Demos.Fonts) where you can select
various Fonts from google and elsewhere and get the results in PDF, SVG,



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