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From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Wed Jun 17 2015 - 13:41:58 PDT

No, because the markup seems to be OK for sure.

Note that I not using float elements is not a judge whether the run you do with float elements has those images at that place at that time.

The error means the imahes do not exist at the file location at the time of compostion.


Kevin Brown



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I'm creating PDF files from DITA sources. I want to set some images in float elements.
In the topic.fo file, the float element appears as follows:

<fo:block id="unique_15_Connect_42_fig_v3y_cwf_dr">
        <fo:block space-after="0.6em" space-before="0.6em" text-indent="0em">The screen below illustrates these principles:</fo:block>
        <fo:float xmlns:opentopic-func=" <http://www.idiominc.com/opentopic/exsl/function> http://www.idiominc.com/opentopic/exsl/function" clear="both" float="start">
                <fo:block id="unique_15_Connect_42_image_m2k_dwf_dr">
                        <fo:external-graphic content-height="120px" src="url(graphics/screen_fields_question_mark_dashes.png)"/>

which seems Ok to me... but maybe I'm wrong?
The transformation fails with the following errors:

    [echo] Maximum Java memory: -Xmx384m
    [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/D:/SVN/ifu_mt/Sources/Projet_ong/trunk/temp/pdf/graphics/screen_fields_question_mark_dashes.png of type null
    [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/D:/SVN/ifu_mt/Sources/Projet_ong/trunk/temp/pdf/graphics/screen_startup_logo.png of type null
    [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/D:/SVN/ifu_mt/Sources/Projet_ong/trunk/temp/pdf/graphics/screen_startup_product_family.png of type null

I know that the images are available and the PNG format is Ok because the PDF is generated without any problem if I don't use float elements.
Any idea where the error could come from?
Thanks & regards,

Annette-consultant Bouillin
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