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From: Darren Munt <darrenm_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Thu May 21 2015 - 16:10:09 PDT

Hi, just wondering if there were any comments on this?

From: Darren Munt
Sent: Friday, 8 May 2015 6:49 PM
To: xep-support@renderx.com
Subject: RTL issue

I’m compiling some XSL for an Arabic document. I have the text contained within a block-container and writing-mode is set to ‘rl-tb’. This produces some interesting results when the text is a mixture of Arabic and English, many of which make sense, but I can’t work these two out.

First of all, no matter what order I put this text in:

الجائزة المالية QR 75,000

It comes out as:

QR 75,000 الجائزة المالية

I want it like this:

75,000 QR الجائزة المالية

But this results in the same output as above:

الجائزة المالية 75,000 QR

Even if I remove the space between 75,000 and QR and put either “QR75,000” or “75,000QR” in the FO, it writes QR75,000. I would have expected the RTL write mode to write the three elements in order, why does it always put the ‘QR’ last?

The other issue is some weirdness around some bracketed information. I am specifying this:

( 1st 42,750, 2nd 16,500, 3rd 8,250, 4th 4,500, 5th 3,000 )

This appears in the PDF as:

( st 42,750, 2nd 16,500, 3rd 8,250, 4th 4,500, 5th 3,0001 )

Here is my (heavily edited) FO:

      <fo:block-container writing-mode="rl-tb" font-family="Arial Unicode">
          <fo:marker marker-class-name="racenumber">
         … some other stuff

              <fo:block space-after="0.2cm">الجائزة المالية 75,000 QR<fo:inline font-weight="normal">
              ( 1st 42,750, 2nd 16,500, 3rd 8,250, 4th 4,500, 5th 3,000 )

         … some other stuff

         … some other stuff

So what am I doing wrong?

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