[xep-support] Re: Letters "fi" are not transformed

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2015 - 14:40:45 PDT

What is the exact font specification for the font you are using in xep.xml?

If you look at “Times New Roman” in the default specification in xep.xml, you would see this:

      <font-family name="Times New Roman" ligatures="&#xFB01; &#xFB02;">
        <font><font-data ttf="times.ttf"/></font>
        <font style="italic"><font-data ttf="timesi.ttf"/></font>
        <font weight="bold"><font-data ttf="timesbd.ttf"/></font>
        <font weight="bold" style="italic"><font-data ttf="timesbi.ttf"/></font>

The “ligatures” attribute is telling the formatting engine to replace “fi” and “fl” with their equivalents that exist in that font:


This is “fi” typed

This is “fi” as a ligature

You can see they are quite different (if you are viewing this in HTML). I suspect you may be using a ligature entry pointing to a character that does not exist for that font in question.

Kevin Brown


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When transforming using XEP and Oxygen 16.1 every occurrence of the letters “fi” (as in “first” and “filter”) are being dropped. XEP has no problem with upper and lower case “Fi” though. It doesn’t happen with Apache transformation. My transformation is only slightly customized with some logos and graphics.

Any ideas?

Bill Bushnell


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