[xep-support] Java 8 Update

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2014 - 12:24:20 PST

Just a note for all on the list.
We conducted some unofficial testing today. We will do more prior to next
A quad-core laptop running RenderX XEPWin with both Java 7 64-bit and Java 8
64-bit installed.
Processing a single document of 2800 pages XML+XSL to FO to PDF.
The document was invoices approximately 4 to 5 pages each with two custom
SVG charts (created via XSL) in each document so 1200+ custom, unique
The document also includes tabular data. The XML was run simply via XEP
Assistant, just selecting the large XML with XSL stylesheet and processing
to PDF format as a single document (meaning not using VDPMill to split and

Java 7: 32.56 pages/second
Java 8: 42.42 pages/second

A significant performance boost.

We encountered no issues at all with Java 8.

The RenderX XEPWin installer at this time would not recognize Java 8 so in
order to configure it at this time, you can edit the
Cliserservice.exe.config to point to a Java 8 installation and restart the

At this time, we feel confident to say Java 8 is supported.

Kevin Brown

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