[xep-support] Re: XSL version in Visual XSL

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2014 - 16:40:52 PDT

VisualXSL doesn't support XSL 2.0

You would only be able to develop so far in VisualXSL and then implement
those functions in the generated XSL.


However, you should note that you can use MVP dll which has some advanced
XSL features, you cannot enter them into VisualXSL xpath (as they will not
validate, only XSL 1.0 will valdate) but you can put them in extensions.

VisualXSL will dynamically load MVP processor to perform XSLT after creating
the XSL in memory, before applying it to the sample XML for preview print.


To use MVP you only need to download Mvp.Xml.dll and drop it to the
VisualXSL install directory.


Expanding VisualXSL to XSL 2.0 is not in any immediate plans.



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Currently the version of the XSL file that gets created by VisualXSL is 1.0.
How do I configure VisualXSL to create 2.0 version. Some of the XSL
functions are available in 2.0 and VisualXSL throws compile error if we try
to use it.

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