[xep-support] Re: Loosen the constraint in footnote placement

From: Ryom, Henrik <henrik.ryom@karnovgroup.com>
Date: Thu Feb 13 2014 - 01:11:25 PST

Hi Alexey

A couple of weeks ago I sent examples of my footnote issue. Have you managed to replicate the problems with looping, truncating and white areas on the pages?

Well knowing my setup might be at the edge of the abilities of xep, I hope you can help me with a solution. Let me know if you need further informations or examples.

Best regards
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Subject: [xep-support] Re: Loosen the constraint in footnote placement

Hi Henrik,

XEP seems to have a constraint that all footnotes must start in the page that reference them.

It's not a XEP constraint, it's a constraint in XSL-FO 1.1, though XSL-FO 1..1 Spec has a more week constraint: "the same page that contains the anchor-area, or <...> a page following the page that contains the anchor-area."

I can supply with examples.

Please send us examples at support@renderx.com<mailto:support@renderx.com>

Best regards,
  Alexey Gagarinov


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