[xep-support] Loosen the constraint in footnote placement

From: Ryom, Henrik <henrik.ryom@karnovgroup.com>
Date: Fri Jan 10 2014 - 02:49:24 PST


XEP seems to have a constraint that all footnotes must start in the page that reference them. Xep have also an algorithm for balancing the body area and the footnote area, based on the obvious assumption that in most cases footnotes are short - and this works fine.

However I have content where the size of the footnotes varies from short to large and in some cases huge. Furthermore the frequency of the footnotes varies thru the document - from areas without any notes to areas with many (large) notes in a small number of lines. With this "set up" I get some funny looking pages and I can get the render to loop endless with the not informative message: "no space for an element, trying to recover". As far as I can imagine a solution could be to loosen the constraint on the placement and perhaps also to change the balancing algorithm.

Is it possible to loosen the footnote constraint to allow e.g. notes to start within the following 1-3 pages or to start within corresponding left and right pages?

I can supply with examples.

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