[xep-support] Re: Problem with Russian text in pdf

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Tue Jan 07 2014 - 19:17:08 PST

You need three things:


1) Text that contains the characters, you have this

2) Specify a font for that text that contains the characters

3) Make sure that font is available to XEP through the xep.xml
configuration file


You have not done (2) and or (3) and hence you get no output for the
specified characters.


What font are you using?

Is that font specified in XEP.xml and available on the system?


Kevin Brown



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I hope somebody can help me with this. I'm using XEP Assistant to render a
.fo document to pdf. The source .fo file contains both Russian and English
words, but the resulting pdf document only has the English words.
I've tried setting the encoding to encoding="UTF-8",
encoding="windows-1251", encoding="ISO-8859-5", with the same results.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
Thanks for your help.



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