[xep-support] Re: PDF attachments blocked as spam

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Tue Dec 10 2013 - 21:58:47 PST

Never heard of it.


A PDF created by RenderX certainly has some repeatable characteristics and
if they can map them great . like seeking the /Producer line.


If they looked into a PDF compressed or not, they would see . (of course
with your own version of software)


/Producer (XEP 4.19 build 20110414)


For instance.


Or if they looked at the Metadata stream for the xmpmeta information, they
would find:


<pdf:Producer>XEP 4.19 build 20110414</pdf:Producer>


Now, that issue is TOTALLY up to the company providing the overzealous
checker of PDF files to determine what is a valid PDF file and what is not.
If they have not "mapped" RenderX, sorry we cannot help you. Sounds like
they probably think Adobe and Microsoft are the only two companies in the
world that create PDFs.


Kevin Brown



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We've had a couple of users complain that PDFs that we produce using RenderX
are being blocked in emails by MailMarshal. It's the first I've heard of the
issue but I wondered if what we have been told by one of the IT people from
the client is accurate:



The files attached did not contain a known finger print for Adobe PDF file


For example, if you created a .docx file in Microsoft Word and saved it, the
document would contain a finger print in the Hexadecimal code of the file
that identifies it as a Microsoft Word document. Our MailMarshal Spam Server
(and presumably other Spam systems) check the finger print of every file
received, to verify that the attachment is what is says it is. Another
example would be. a .exe file would contain a .exe finger print, should the
file be renamed to .zip, our Anti Spam system would block the attachment as
it contained a .exe finger print.



They say they had to add a new file type to the MailMarshal config. They did
this by creating a new 'finger print' from the first couple of hundred bytes
of the files, which they have observed don't change, and subsequently files
are accepted. The inference is that the PDFs we are creating are not in the
format recognised by MailMarshal.


Is there some configuration we need to do that has been overlooked?



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