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From: Hendricks Trevor <Trevor.Hendricks@kohler.com>
Date: Thu Jul 25 2013 - 15:18:11 PDT

I've been using JEdit for quite some time and love it. I decided today to try the XEP jedit plug-in but am unable to get it to work. I run the java -jar setup... and pick the directories and the install says it is successful. But when I reopen jedit, the plug-in does not appear in a menu (maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot???). It does show as an installed and active plug-in. And yes, I do have XEP installed locally. And yes, jedit was closed during the install of the plug-in.

Can someone tell me where this plug-in appears in UI? I'm sure I'll say 'duh' once it's said, but at some point you just have to ask. Thanks in advance.

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