[xep-support] Renderex XEP and the DITA OT

From: <phil@kiamabeachfront.com.au>
Date: Sun Jun 23 2013 - 11:09:26 PDT

Morning / Afternoon,
I am using Oxygen XML Editor Ver 15 with the supplied DITA OT (1.7.4 I think).
My results were good, but I needed the index in the PDF.
I am currently evaluating the latest XEP (Version 4.21 build
20121114)from your website and have some questions - I apologise up
front as I am new to XEP:
1. Is the program I should be using? Not WinXEP?
2. Stylesheets that produced an output from Apache, crash on XEP.
Things like having two images on the front page - now don't work. Even
1 background & 1 image doesn't work.
Also the index doesn't seem to recognise nested index terms identified
in the XML document - they just end up incorrect in the index list.
3. Is there a configuration file I need to be accessing to 'tweak' the output?
4. Is there a way to relax XEP to produce an output - I wanted to have
a _logo-container and a Revision attribute-set as customixations -
worked a treat with Apache, but not 'recognised' with XEP

I appreciate any assistance you can provide - looked at old issues
from the archives, but they don't seem to address my problems.

 From my perspective, it is XEP I need to tweak to get the outputs I need.


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