[xep-support] Czech font some characters not appearing

From: Kevin Gawne <kevin.gawne@virtek.ca>
Date: Wed Jun 12 2013 - 13:34:29 PDT

I use Xep 4.10 with DITAOT and have never had a problem with fonts before(
have used Polish, Russian, Chinese etc). However when I try to use Czech,
it does not generate certain UC & lc chars (R,C,U with diacriticals, and
the O with a ring above). It does produce all the other chars and they are
present in the FO file, just not being rendered.

I have added the following to th exep.xml file and have added the hyphen
file to hyphen folder as required.

   <language name="Czech" codes="cs cze">

      <hyphenation pattern="czhyphen.il2" encoding="iso-8859-2"/>


Is there something else that I am missing? As I said the chars do appear in
the FO file for the first part of DITAOT, but when XEP is launched it skips
those chars (both upper and lower).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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