[xep-support] Change bar for inserted table-row not showing

From: Patricia Piolon <skyanth@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Apr 08 2013 - 08:03:31 PDT

Hi all,

I'm running into the following issue:

<fo:table-row id="temp2">
 <fo:change-bar-begin change-bar-color="black"
="6mm" change-bar-class="d0e86672b" change-bar-placement="start"/>
 <fo:change-bar-end change-bar-class="d0e86672b"/>

The change bar is not rendered (or rather rendered as zero-height, just a
tiny dot) in this case, because the last cell of the row has no content. If
we put e.g. a non-breaking space inside, the change bar is there.

Could you please clarify the reasoning behind this, or is it just a small

-- Patricia


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