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That is correct.

PDF goes into PDF

(E)PS goes into PS


If you place EPS into PDF, only any thumbnail image is used in the PDF file.
And I say any as it implies only the one that is inside the EPS file as


So .


1) Increase the resolution by which you generate the thumbnail image
inside the EPS . this is not done by RenderX, it is done by whatever you are
using to create the EPS

2) Don't use EPS, convert them to PDF if you wish to use them in PDF
(possibly ghostscript or another image conversion routine to convert EPS to
another format)

3) Use a different solution than EPS, like SVG that goes into both
Postscript and PDF (if you are concerned with output of both)


Kevin Brown



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I have a transform that is utilizing EPS files. The problem I'm seeing is
that the quality is very grainy in the resultant PDF output. I found a forum
reference from 2003 mentioning that EPS placement was only supported in the
PS generation and that when using the PDF generator it is using the
thumbnail instead. Not sure if this is still correct. In any regards, is
there any way to improve the image quality of the EPS files so that they are
crisp in the final output?



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