[xep-support] Re: Empty attibute errors - need help modifying xep.xml file

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 - 17:42:05 PST

Right after the line:

    <option name="STAMP_PNG" value="images/stamp-renderx.png"/>


    <option name="VALIDATE" value="false"/>


Kevin Brown




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I am getting empty attribute errors and I think it is the same issue I found




Where you say:


It is actually an error within the XT parser that started in later versions
Java. We have tried (in vain) to report this but since XT was written long
before 64-bit even existed and the folks in Oracle/Java do not think changes
they made actually are an issue, RenderX is looking to replace the use of XT
parser for validation of XSL FO in the future release.

At any rate, unless you are actually "debugging" changes you are making to
style sheets, you really have no need to validate the XSL FO. You should
validation turned off.

You can:

a) use -valid command line switch, or
b) Set the VALIDATE option in xep.xml to "false" (no errors in FO are
at all), or
c) Set the VALIDATE option in xep.xml to "true" and set the
option to "false" which would report these *and* other errors, but still go
and process the XSL FO.

The attributes do exist and are not empty, they are only reported as such
randomly by XT through some issue in changes made to Java.

Kevin Brown


However, I am not sure where and how to add the VALIDATE option to my
xep.xml file. It's not currently there at all, so I want to make sure I add
it to the correct place. Also, I think I want to use the third option you
list above, so that I get the errors but they don't cause the job to fail. I
have pasted the options sections of my xep.xml below, so if you could show
me what i need to add and where, that would be great.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<!-- ======================================================= -->

<!-- RenderX XEP Configuration -->

<!-- ======================================================= -->


<config xmlns="http://www.renderx.com/XEP/config">


  <!-- ======================================================= -->

  <!-- Formatter options -->

  <!-- ======================================================= -->


    <option name="LICENSE" value="license.xml"/>

    <option name="TMPDIR" value="none"/>

    <option name="BROKENIMAGE" value="images/404.gif"/>

    <option name="LOGO" value="images/logo-renderx.svg"/>

    <option name="STAMP_PNG" value="images/stamp-renderx.png"/>


    <!-- Backend options -->

    <generator-options format="PDF">

      <!-- <option name="COMPRESS" value="false"/> -->

      <!-- Rhonda: uncommented out option below and set to 1.5, which equals
Acrobat 6.0. -->

    <option name="PDF_VERSION" value="1.5"/>



    <generator-options format="PostScript">

      <!-- <option name="LANGUAGE_LEVEL" value="2"/> -->

      <!-- <option name="CLONE_EPS" value="true"/> -->



    <generator-options format="SVG">

      <!-- <option name="EMBED_IMAGES" value="true"/> -->



    <generator-options format="HTML">

      <!-- <option name="EMBED_IMAGES" value="true"/> -->



    <generator-options format="PPML">

      <!-- <option name="TARGET_FORMAT" value="PDF"/> -->

      <!-- <option name="GA_LEVEL" value="2"/> -->



    <generator-options format="AFP">

      <!-- Blank, Ignore, Question -->

      <option name="UNKNOWN_SYMBOL" value="Question"/>

      <option name="AFPLogLevel" value="0"/>


      <option name="USE_PTOCA_LEVEL" value="3"/>

      <option name="USE_BCOCA_LEVEL" value="1"/>

      <option name="USE_GOCA_LEVEL" value="1"/>


      <option name="RESOLUTION" value="1440"/>

      <option name="USE_SHADING_PATTERNS" value="yes"/>

      <option name="USE_REPLICATE_AND_TRIM" value="yes"/>

      <option name="SHADING_PATTERN_RESOLUTION" value="0.25"/>

      <option name="TRY_USING_TIFF_COMPRESSION" value="yes"/>


      <option name="AFPFont,Helvetica" value="C0H200.0, C0H300.0, C0H400.0,
C0H500.0, C0H201.0, C0H301.0, C0H401.0, C0H501.0, 278"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Times" value="C0N200.0, C0N300.0, C0N400.0,
C0N500.0, C0N201.0, C0N301.0, C0N401.0, C0N501.0, 250"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Courier" value="C04200.0, C04300.0, C04400..0,
C04500.0, C04201.0, C04301.0, C04401.0, C04501.0, 600"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Arial" value="C0H200.0, C0H300.0, C0H400.0,
C0H500.0, C0H201.0, C0H301.0, C0H401.0, C0H501.0, 278"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Times New Roman" value="C0N200.0, C0N300.0,
C0N400.0, C0N500.0, C0N201.0, C0N301.0, C0N401.0, C0N501.0, 250"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Verdana" value="C0VE0.0, C0VEI.0, C0VEB.0,
C0VEZ.0, C0H201.0, C0H301.0, C0H401.0, C0H501.0,278"/>

      <option name="AFPFont,Interstate" value="C0IS0.0, C0ISB.0, C0IS0..0,
C0ISB.0, C0H201.0, C0H301.0, C0H401.0, C0H501.0, 278"/>


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