[xep-support] Re: Abort when Image File not found?

From: Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2012 - 05:00:09 PDT

Hi Alexey,
On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:16:17 +0400Alexey Gagarinov <agagarinov@renderx.com> wrote: > > when XEP tries to find an image file and it can't, it proceeds in> > the rendering process and shows the 404 image in the output format.> > I would like to stop XEP in case an image cannot be found.> >> > How can I do this?> > There is no "official" way to stop XEP when an image is not found.> Where and why you need this behavior?
Well, consider it as an early "quality control alarm". :) If XEP hasbuilt a PDF, is the PDF correct? Maybe, maybe not. If you haven'tlooked at the (error?) messages, you can't tell.
The only way to tell is to browse through your 600 or so pages tofind the missing images. Not very nice.
The question is, should XEP abort the rendering process if it can'tfind an image. Well, probably the FO spec gives you some freedom inthis regard. I would propose to make it either an option in theconfiguration or in the command line.
With such a configuration method, people can switch the behaviour: whenthey are writing their documents, missing images are not very seriousas they will be added later. However, if they create the finaldocument, any missing pieces should are fatal and so should be anyerror messages (which means, abort).
That would make such an error obvious and you won't deliver broken PDFsanymore.

-- Gruß/Regards, Thomas Schraitle

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