[xep-support] Rendering Thai font in PDF

From: Meyer, Lauren <lmeyer@vocollect.com>
Date: Sat Sep 22 2012 - 12:23:40 PDT

I added the language pack from Windows XP SP3, so I have the official ttf files. And I thought I had configured the Angsana New font correctly for Thai PDF output, but apparently something is still amiss.
Please help!

I am using oXygen 12.2 with XEP 4.19.

Document.locale is th_TH

Xep.xml entry:
      <font-group xml:base="file:/C:/Windows/Fonts/" label="Thai TrueType" embed="true" subset="true" initial-encoding="standard">
                    <font-family name="Angsana New">
          <font xml:base="file:/C:/Windows/Fonts/"><font-data ttf="ANGSA.TTF"/></font>
          <font style="oblique"><font-data ttf="ANGSAI.TTF"/></font>
          <font weight="bold"><font-data ttf="ANGSAB.TTF"/></font>
          <font weight="bold" style="oblique"><font-data ttf="ANGSAZ.TTF"/></font>
                  <font-alias name="Angsana" value="Angsana New"/></font-group>

Font-mappings.xml entry example for Sans:
      <logical-font name="Sans">
          <physical-font char-set="default">
              <font-face>New Family</font-face>
          <physical-font char-set="Simplified Chinese">
          <physical-font char-set="Japanese">
              <!-- <font-face>MS-Gothic</font-face> -->
          <physical-font char-set="Korean">
          <physical-font char-set="Thai">
              <font-face>Angsana New</font-face>
          </physical-font> ...

The transform completes without error...no warnings or errors about fonts or glyphs in the log. In topic.fo, there is no evidence of Angsana font being set; only New Family (Arial) and the default font. The PDF renders all Thai characters as little boxes, while the English characters render fine.

What am I missing?


*Lauren Meyer ***
Technical Writer
Vocollect, Inc.

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