[xep-support] Re: How to embed Helvetica so it won't cause issue at PDF/A creation

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2012 - 10:39:34 PDT



RenderX only provides the AFM of the base fonts. You can do either of the


1) Obtain the necessary components of the actual Helvetica font and set
up XEP.xml to embed that font. You will need to license PFA or PFB and refer
to http://www.renderx.com/reference.html#Configuring_Type-1

2) Use a different font that you have metrics for and can embed
(possibly Arial or FreeSerif or whatever you wish). In this case you would
modify XEP.xml to state that font is the default font and add that font to


Kevin Brown




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I would like to ask your help.


We support an archiving system which archive from a lot of different sources
into PDF/A.


There is a form among the sources which is Rich Text type where users can
enter text and format the font. There are some given fonts there, but it is
also allowed to the users to copy/paste into this area. The font attributes
are kept in this copy/paste case.


Sometimes the text is with Microsoft Sans Serif font (or the source system
think it is but the real font is font-family="AdvOT2e364b11, serif")


Microsoft Sans Serif is not defined in XEP.XML so CTS convert it into
Helvetica as the default font family is Helvetica.


Unfortunately it looks this Helvetica is not embedded into the created PDF
and it cause issue when the archiving system try to create PDF/A from it.


I would like to ask how can I set in XEP.XML to embed Helvetica into PDF in
these cases?


Of course one of the solutions would be to include Microsoft Sans Serif into
XEP.XML but this is not solution for those exotic fonts
(font-family="AdvOT2e364b11, serif") which is thought to Microsoft Sans
Serif by the source system.



Thanks in advance!


Gabor Vajda


 <mailto:gabor.vajda@novartis.com> gabor.vajda@novartis.com




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