[xep-support] Re: Change bars error

From: Alexey Medvedev <amedvedev@renderx.com>
Date: Tue Aug 07 2012 - 03:58:55 PDT

> Given my original message, I would like to re-inquire about the particular data condition that yields this error. Could you help me understand the particular data condition that triggers RenderX to trip over this problem?
The error is an old known bug in XEP. It may appear rarely and under
special conditions (like some kinds of rollbacks performed by XEP to
satisfy keep constrains or orphans, etc...)

> Thinking about it a bit further, I'm also seeing that upgrading to 4.20 may not be desirable for us because it would result in unnoticed data loss rather (unless the error is caught somehow) than in a hard stop. Data loss is less desirable for us than a circumvent-able hard stop.
There is a work-around for older XEP versions: try adding a single space
character immediately before 'change-bar-end' elements.
If the space char is unsuitable in your case, try adding a zero-width
space (&#x200B;) before each 'change-bar-end' element.

Medvedev Alexey
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