[xep-support] Trouble getting AFM font installed

From: Betty Harvey <harvey@eccnet.com>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2012 - 11:01:58 PDT

I am having trouble getting an AFM font recognized. I have placed the
following in the xep.xml file under <fonts><font-group label="Base 14"

I am using 4.19 version of RenderX.

  <font-family name="SansStone">
          <font-data afm="SansStone.AFM" pfb="SansStone.pfb"/>
        <font weight="bold">
          <font-data afm="SansStone-Bold.afm" pfb="SansStone-Bold.pfb"/>
        <font style="italic">
           <font-data afm="SansStone-Italic.afm" pfb="SansStone-Italic.pfb"/>
        <font weight="bold" style="italic">
           <font-data afm="SansStone-BoldItalic.afm"
        <font-alias name="Stone" value="SansStone"/>

I also added the following line in the options section:

<option name="AFPFont,SansStone" value="C0H200.0, C0H300.0, C0H400.0,
C0H500.0, C0H201.0, C0H301.0, C0H401.0, C0H501.0, 278"/>

The font is defaulting to 'Helvetica'. Is there something I am overlooking?



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