[xep-support] Re: Problem creating a tagged PDF

From: Kevin Brown <kevin@renderx.com>
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If you run without your custom post process are things OK? Meaning if you go
from FO->XEP and then XEP->PDF *without modification*. If so, describe what
you are doing in the custom process, perhaps that is breaking things. I just
ran a document to XEPOUT with ENABLE_ACCESSIBILITY set to "true" and ran
that to PDF and it worked fine. I suspect it is something in the
modification script that is breaking things.


In the XEPOUT of the document, you should see things like this:


<xep:text value="Custom Dashes" x="23177" y="566090" width="78243"

The "xpath" element is what is driving the tagged PDF. If your code is
modifying (perhaps stripping this or double escaping it) it would break


Kevin Brown



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I am having trouble creating a tagged PDF from the XEP proprietary file
format. If I render a tagged PDF directly from FO it works just fine, but
if I go from FO to XEP to PDF, the reader tell me that every page is blank.
The Adobe accessibility report states that "None of the contents of this
page are contained in the structure tree" for all pages. I need to run a
post process on the XEP file, but I also need a tagged PDF as the result.
Is there something I need to do differently when rendering a tagged PDF from
the XEP file format?



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